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Free Kool-Aid at Brookshire’s

Kool-Aid 2

Brookshire’s is tripling coupons up to $.39 and doubling coupons up to $.50 from May 27-June , 2009.  Also this week, Kool-Aid drink mix packets (.13-.23 oz) are on sale 10 for $1.00.  Go here and print a coupon for $.50 off 10 (you can print this coupon up to two times).  The coupon will double to $1.00.  Buy 10 packets and use the doubled coupon to get 10 free, or use two coupons to get 20 free!  Go here to see Brookshire’s coupon policy.  Sales may vary from store to store, so check you local ad before you go.

If you don’t drink Kool-Aid, you can use it to make Sweet-Smelling Play Dough.  Go here for the recipe.  You can make this play dough for your kids, give it to kids you know, or give it to co-workers for a fun, summer treat!