Cutting Coupons… It’s Not Just For Grandma!

2 Types: Manufacturer Coupons & Store Coupons




What is a manufacturer coupon?

  • This type of coupon states “Manufacturer Coupon” on the coupon, usually in a small box near the expiration date.
  • Cut a little or cut a lot, but keep them all- you never know when you might need something unexpected and you can dig back through your coupons to find what you need.

Where do I find manufacturer coupons?

  • Sunday newspaper- order a subscription or pick up a copy at a nearby store. Buy multiple copies of the newspaper to really beef up your stash and maximize your savings. Look for a Double Sunday paper to get two sets of coupons for less than the cost of buying two seperatge Suandy papers. You can cut all the sets of coupons or cut one or two sets and store the additional sets in case you need them later. I usually buy 3 sets, then cut two complete sets. To save time, I skim the third set and cut only the coupons I’m sure I’ll use, then I write the date on the front of the leaflet and store this third set in a binder. If I need a coupon later I can look it up by date, since most bargain websites list the date in which a coupon was published.
  • Online coupon sites are an excellent source for coupons. You can print them directly from your home computer. These sites include
  • Check manufacturer’s websites for brands you specifically use a lot (i.e. Gerber, Pampers). You can sometimes print a coupon from their website, or you can sign up to receive coupons in the mail &/or through email.
  • In stores- There are coupon machines on the aisles of some grocery stores. Also, look for coupons at special store events including sampling tables and special store displays. Make-up coupons can often be found on the seasonal make-up displays. In addition, some stores have manufacturer coupons that print at the register when you check out.
  • A couple of minor sources for coupons include promotional materials in the mail and in magazines.

Where can I use manufacturer coupons?

  • Manufacturer coupons can be used almost anywhere- discount stores, grocery stores, drug stores, and some beauty stores.
  • A few places that I know that do not accept manufacturer coupons are Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Sam’s Club, & Costco.

What are e-coupons & how do I use them?

  • E-coupons are coupons that you can load onto your shopper’s card or a cell phone for a grocery store. They are manufacturer coupons, but can only be used at the store whose shopper card you used to download them.
  • To use the e-coupon, select an item in the store for which you have an e-coupon loaded. At check-out, give your shopper’s card to the cashier. The e-coupon should automatically be deducted from your total at the end of the transaction. If you notice on your receipt later that the coupon was not deducted, most e-coupon websites have a system for requesting credit for coupons that did not work properly.
  • Several websites I have used are Shortcuts, Cellfire, and P&G ESaver.




What are store coupons & how do I use them?

  • Store coupons can only be used at a specific store. The name of the store is printed on the coupon.
  • Usually, they can be combined with manufacturer coupons when you check out. For example: if you have a Target store coupon for $1 off Purina dog food, you can combine it with a $2 manufacturer coupon for Purina dog food in order to receive $3 total off the dog food bag.

Where do I find store coupons?

  • Some stores have coupons on tear pads located near the item on the store shelves.
  • Some have coupons in their weekly or monthly sales ad.
  • Many stores are publishing coupons on their websites that you can print at home and take with you to the store.



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