The best source of great deals at CVS is through their Extra Bucks (EBs) program. First, sign up for an Extra Care card in the store with a cashier. Then, hand your card to the cashier to scan any time you make a purchase at CVS. When you buy a qualifying product, an Extra Buck (EB) will print on your receipt at the end of a transaction. Finally, use your EBs like cash on future purchases by handing it to the cashier before paying.

Details & Tips on Extra Care Bucks

  • Look at the weekly & monthly sales ads for items that give you EBs. Usually there is a limit of 1 on a particular Extra Bucks item, but occasionally the limit is higher. Read the fine print in the ad or the in-store sign to determine the quantity limit of an item.
  • Generally, EBs expire one month after you receive them, so pay attention to the expiration date and make sure to spend them on time.
  • Sometimes you can get a product for “free or cheap” after you receive your EBs. For example, if you buy a product for $3 and receive an EB for $3, then it is like the product is “free.”
  • You can also use manufacturer and store coupons for items in which you will receive EBs, which can cause you to “make money” on the deal. For example, if you buy a product for $5, use a $1 manufacturer coupon at checkout, and then receive an EB for $5, then it is like you made $1 on the transaction.
  • You can roll your EBs by using them towards the purchase of other EB items in the future.
  • In order to truly benefit, spend your EBs as you would your personal money (wisely and only for things you need or will use), not as “free money.”
  • Read more about the CVS Extra Care card and Extra Bucks program here.

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