Misc Tips

Tips & Advice

  • Make money on prescriptions by using coupons for store gifts cards when you fill a new or transferred prescriptions. Watch the weekly sales ads to find these offers. I see them periodically at CVS, Walgreens, Target, and grocery stores.
  • When there’s an unbeatable deal on items you know you’ll use, stock up now to use later.
  • Don’t consider store credit (CVS Extra Bucks, Walgreens Register Rewards, gift cards from prescriptions, etc.) free money; spend them wisely as if they were your regular personal money.
  • Watch the expiration dates on your store credit vouchers (CVS, Walgreens, etc.).
  • In Texas (& perhaps other areas), Kroger, Tom Thumb, and Albertsons do double/triple coupons year-round. They triple coupons up to and including $.39 and double coupons up to and including $.50. So, a $.35 coupon is tripled to $1.05 and a $.50 coupon is double to $1.00. Ask at your local store to see what their coupon policy is. Some stores limit the number of items that they will double or triple &/or have other restrictions.
  • Don’t assume wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco are cheaper. I’ve done some research at those stores and found that many items are more expensive than regular discount store prices, so do your homework and shop carefully. Also, keep in mind that the membership fee can outweigh the savings if you are not a scrupulous consumer.
  • If you find a freebie but you do not have a use for it, give it to charity. Many individuals and organizations would love to put your unneeded items to good use.
  • Share your bargains and steals with your friends, so they can benefit, too!

Manufacturers’ Mail-In Rebates

  • Look for mail-in rebates in the coupon leaflets of the Sunday paper, weekly store ads, product packages, and in-store displays.
  • When you buy a product that has a mail-in rebate, be sure to carefully read and follow all the instructions.
  • Sometimes you are required to cut and send the UPC symbol off the package (this is usually the bar code).
  • Try to come home and get your rebate submission complete and in the mail immediately, so you do not forget. Even if it is a food product, I cut out the UPC right away, then repackage the item with a zip bag or whatever is appropriate.
  • Make copies of everything before you send it.
  • I love having a printer/copier/scanner that I can use to scan a copy of rebate submissions and save to my computer. That way, I’m not wasting paper and I can just go in and delete the scanned item once I receive the rebate check in the mail. I wouldn’t recommend going out to buy a 3 in 1 printer just for this reason, but if your printer bites the dust then you can replace it with a 3 in 1. They are often on sale for under $100.


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