Walgreens offers two different ways of saving: store coupons and Register Rewards. You do not need a special store savings card to take advantage of their special offers.

Store Coupons

  • They are located in the weekly sales ad, which you may obtain from the newspaper or from a rack at the front of the store. Sometimes there are coupon booklets available at the pharmacy upon request.  In addition, a small coupon pamphlet is often available for sale at the cash register .
  • The coupons can only be used at Walgreens (unless the coupon states “Manufacturer Coupon” in which case it can be use elsewhere).
  • Cut the coupons and use them for the specified product when you check-out.
  • The coupon will multiply for all the qualifying items you buy.  For example, if you have a coupon for $.50 Snickers bars and you buy 4 candy bars, then all 4 candy bars will ring up as $.50.  You do not need to cut and give the cashier 4 copies of the coupon.  Often the coupon states a quantity limit.  It is up to the discretion of the cashier or manager to allow you more than the stated quantity; however, I have never been held to the quantity limits.
  • You can combine manufacturer coupons with Walgreens coupons!

Register Rewards (RRs)

  • Look at the weekly sales ad to find Register Reward offers.
  • When you purchase a qualifying product, the reward prints at the register.  You use the coupon/reward like cash on a future purchase.
  • You can only recieve one particular RR per transaction.  For example: there is a $3 RR deal on toothpaste.  If you buy 3 of the qualifying toothpastes in one transaction, you will only receive 1 RR.  You may split the 3 toothpastes into 3 transactions to receive all 3 RRs.  (Making multiple transactions like this may be subject to the manager’s discretion.)
  • RRs usually expire two weeks after the issue date.  Keep a close eye on the expiration dates so you do not waste them.
  • Unlike CVS Extra Bucks, Walgreens RRs usually cannot be rolled to purchase a product in which you will receive another RR.  In other words, you cannot use a RR to buy another item in which you are expecting to receive a RR.  If you pay using a RR, the new RR will not print.
  • Another rule (which may vary from store to store) is that you cannot have more manufacturer coupons than you do items in a transaction and RRs count as a manufacturer coupon. For example, if I am purchasing 5 products, I may only use up to 5 manufacturer coupons (including RRs). However, I can use as many Walgreens store coupons as I want in a transaction; so I could use 5 manufacturer coupons and 3 store coupons on a 5 item purchase.
  • From my experience, different stores and different store managers sometimes place additional stipulations on how you can redeem RR. For example, at one Walgreens I visit they will only allow me to redeem one RR per transaction. So, if I have three RRs to redeem, I have to use them in three separate transactions.


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